Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sick Leave

Hi everyone!!!  Yesterday I had to take a rest from full time job again after my MRI last Saturday, headache is still on and off since then.  Just to ignore the pain I need to do something :o) thank goodness, for the 1st time for almost 5 years, my 1st ever handmande Anniversary card to my Hubby !!!! and he loves it very very much....

Also, since I am trying to get back on my feet  and be an active member once again of ARTE - Artist of the Emirates I tried to finish some QUILLING Projects to sample them on our next Soukh Market this coming Friday 30th July 2010 in Festival City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Thanks for stopping by, and hope I can still make some few more samples before Friday.
And, Happy Anniversary Mahal ;o)

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  1. wow you have created such a beautiful projects.


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