Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My 1st Magnolia GC

Good morning everyone!!! Hope your having a nice weather, cause here in .the U.A.E. we are expecting to heat 45 degrees today even more in other part of the gulf countries. Over the years living here, me and my husband get use of the weather. Most the people here stays a lot at home and rarely you can see someone walking in the streets, park & etc. from 10am 'till 7:00pm but of course the Mall which Dubai is currently famous at, still pack of people, shopping but mostly just window shopping ;o)

Anyway, I am excited to share these new cards to you all, it's my first time to have this stamp, after almost 3 months of waiting to get them in my hands finally received them last week. Magnolia, Magnolia ohhh Magnolia. Had so much fun making the cards and play with all the embellishment I've used, from paper flowers & leaves which dear friend gave me, shiny Diamond Stickles, Martha Stewart Butterfly Puncher, Swarovski Black, Rainbow Stones, couldn't wait to get home and start another cards....

Thanks for stopping by ;o)

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