Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sand Storm ;o(

Hello, it's June already and four more months before the weather in Gulf countries like U.A.E. gets bit cooler. On my way to office today this is what you'll see in the road ;o(  Sandstorm, sandstorm & sandstorm + the left and right building construction.

Anyhow, I have some nice things to share to everyone. Last night had a spare time to tide up my embellishment, some of it was given by a friend, sisters and the rest got it from local shop here in Dubai in a very reasonable price. Hubby is always complaining of my cluttered stuff, but this is only a part of it, and still have tons to put things in places after we move to our new little tiny nest, will tell some other time why I call it little tiny nest. 

Plastic container & Jar are from our tiny little kitchen ;o)

And for the FINALE of DAY, Magnolia, Magnolia ohhhh Magnolia .....
Magnolia Stamps
Paper Flowers, leaves used in this card - courtesy of a friend
Diamond Stickles
Trai Marker
Cuttlebug - for embosing
Spellbinders Die Cut
Paper - mostly from my stash.

Looking forward to our weekend here in Dubai, U.A.E.
Once Again, thank you for stopping by....


  1. Nice weather you got ;o)

  2. I like this cute little girl.. parang si Kat Kat...

  3. Love your new Stamps, Magnolia Stamps, right?


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