Saturday, January 9, 2010

1st ARTE Souk of 2010

Good morning!!!!  Yesterday we had so much fun in Arte Souk.  I've seen new faces, friends and fellow artist.  I was not expecting so much yesterday since it's the beginning of the year and most of the people are still on holiday.  Aside from the two student who came for Quilling & Papertole, we sold one big frame and he even came back just before we pack up to order another similar design. It's that nice!!!! A very good start in 2010.

And we finished six Papetole too yesterday.  The size for each project is 4" x 5". 

Down here are the famous Mickey Mouse, Mini Mouse & Donald Duck, it's ideal to hang them in kids room. 

And here is one the collection of Precious Moments...

And down here are my husband projects, does it look Japanese or Chinese?

Again, thanks for stopping by....

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