Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thank God it's Thursday - Last Day of the week here in UAE

Goodevening everyone. Tomorrow will be our 1st ARTE Soukh of the year and that will be in Times Square Centre from 12:00 'till 7:00pm.  

I'll be teaching 3D Papertole to some ladies. And will be displaying all my finished cards and few of my framed 3D Papertole,  materials and kits for 3D Papertole, Quilling & Cross Stitch.

And tonight i'll be sharing you few more cards and 3D Papertole which I have finished during the holidays.

As the Valentines Day is fast approaching, I've decided to create some valentine cards using the Forever Friends Stamp and by coloring them with my TRIA Marker which my youngest sister gave me during my birthday last year and adding ribbon, here you go, my first valentine cards of the year 2010.  Hopely will be able to finish some more just before the Heart Day....

We have learned that one of our good friend is pregnant to her 2nd baby, since we don't know yet if it's a baby boy or girl, I decided to make for both gender, just to be ready!!!!

And it was a baby BOY!!!! Congratulation to Ford & Levie...

Down here is an 8 layer 3D Papertole.  The size of this project is 12" width x 8" height- This design is painted by the Famous Artist, Anton Pieck.

Hope you all like it, as much as I do... 


  1. Lovely cards!
    The only thing that made me surprised: why the footprints are crossed? =)

  2. hi, do u have cutting instruction for anton pieck decoupage? thank u

  3. Just now, read this comments @ WhiteRacoon, YES, your right the FOOTPRINTS are crossed, didn't realized 'till I've posted in my blog...

    @ MAO - got some cutting instruction for anton pieck. Do you need anything specific, e-mail me @ let me check if i can help you.



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