Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Getting Addicted in DigiStamp Boutique

Hi, hope you are all doing well, yesterday was not able to share anything to all of you. I had an appt. with my Dr. for my asthma, another series of test needed to be done to check if I still have lungs ;o) luckily I still have one ;o)

Anyhow, if you have all notice for the last week or 2 weeks now, I've been making cards using Digi Stamp from Digi Stamp Boutique (and you'll see more in the future ;o), guess I'm getting addicted with their gorgeous designs which are really fun to design.  And here's another one.  Hope you all like it.

And before I forget, please check my left side bar, I have created a slide show of pictures for all the cards I have made using Digi Stamps from Digistamps Boutique.  See how addicted I am?

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